Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Friends of High Park is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization governed by a board of directors. It takes all kinds of people working together to get stuff done. Here’s our people!

Chair – Sarah Doucette
"I volunteer because I love that a 130 year old zoo is free and accessible to everyone and it is within the City of Toronto. To see the happy smiles and hear the sounds of laughter from children and adults alike when they interact with the animals is so heartwarming. I enjoy helping with the educational and fun events that we provide for the whole family."

Vice-Chair – Ana Sainz
"I volunteer because seeing visitors smile when they see the animals makes me happy."

Treasurer – Jamie Windle
"I volunteer because I am passionate about the animals that are a part of it. I want to do my piece to ensure that others feel the same way and think about how they can ensure these animals have a habitat in the future."

Secretary – Ivo Mandadjiev
"I volunteer to help preserve Toronto’s only free and easily accessible Zoo and ensure that families can continue to enjoy this not-so-hidden gem for generations to come."

General Members

Chris Diceman, CFA
"I volunteer because High Park Zoo is a vital part of the community that deserves both protecting and improving for future generations."

Amanda Endean
"I volunteer for Friends of High Park Zoo because it’s a great opportunity to give back to my community. I’m proud to be a part of the improvement and preservation of the Zoo for everyone to enjoy much as my family and I do."

Keiko Kataoka
"I volunteer because the Zoo is a coveted west-end institution that needs community support to see it into its next 130 years."

Esme Markle
"I volunteer because I grew up visiting the park and would like to see it continue to thrive and be a part of other’s fond memories."

Sara N-Marandi
"I volunteer at the Zoo to combine my love for animals, environmental conservation, and community impact while ensuring access to the Zoo continues to remain free for everyone."

Ian Noble
"I volunteer because nothing beats the smile on my son’s face when he sees the emus."

Kathryn Peck
"I volunteer my time with Friends of High Park Zoo because of my love of animals, the pleasure the Zoo brings to children and adults alike, and because it’s part of the community in which I live and enjoy."

Felicia Seto-Lau
"I volunteer because High Park Zoo should be a free space to learn about a variety of animals and for generations to escape from the hustle of the city while still inside the city."

Jessica Stern

Jennifer Webster
"I volunteer because visiting the zoo brings me joy and peace and I want the zoo to be part of our community for future generations."

Richard Wiltshire
"I volunteer because High Park Zoo is an invaluable community space that should be enjoyed, invested in and preserved for generations to come."