Delegation of Authority Policy of FRIENDS OF HIGH PARK ZOO

Adopted by the Board on: August 11, 2020

The By-Laws of the Corporation state that the Board of Directors will from time to time designate specific Directors and/or staff of Friends of High Park Zoo as signing officers, for the purpose of executing documents and financial instruments. 

The Board has enacted this policy to establish signing officers for specific types of contracts and instruments. The Board has ultimate authority in such matters at all times, and may by resolution override this policy. 

Any contract or instrument which has the effect of imposing legal or financial obligation (referred to as a “Commitment”), must be approved at a duly held meeting of the Board of Directors, and is subject to the Friends of High Park Zoo Procurement Policy. Exceptions to the requirement for Board approval are set out below (“De Minimum Commitments and Financial Matters”).

Execution of Commitment

Commitment Type

Any two of

Applications to any government, agency or fund for funding or operations or capital projects (any subsequent submissions, declarations or representations required for processing the application)

Any one of


together with either the 

Chair or Vice-Chair

De Minimus Commitments 

The following transactions are considered “de minimus” and do not require approval by the Board of Directors, but will be reported to the Board in writing when incurred.

However, any two of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer is required to execute such de minimus Commitments. 

Financial Matters

The Treasurer has authority to carry out the following matters, without approval of the Board in each case: