LLAMA Lama glama

Origin: Southern and Western South America


Llamas come in all kinds of colours and patterns, black to white, brown, and all shades in between.

Llamas are native to the Andes Mountains of South America, and are built for high altitudes and cold weather. They are very sure-footed.

Llamas were domesticated by the Incas around 4000 BC. Highly regarded and even worshiped, they were used for their wool, meat, and as a beast of burden, carrying goods over the mountains. They were called “silent brother” by the Incas.

They have excellent eyesight and are sometimes used today as a guard animal for small livestock like sheep.

They are very curious and clever animals. They are a herd animal and like to have company of other llamas.

Llamas communicate by hums and grunts, but also through a variety of ear, body and tail postures. Llamas will spit when they are angry or scared, or for establishing dominance.