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Episode Three – Other Visitors

Humans aren’t the only visitors! Do the High Park llamas get visits from other animals? Two years ago, I witnessed a muskrat entering the llama enclosure. The llamas had spotted her running alongside the fence and ran over. The herd was all excited, tails up and ears alert. When the [...]

May 6, 2021|

High Park Zoo Awarded $2.6M in Project Funding

● High Park Zoo project has been awarded $2.6 million in funding by the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) ● Project includes major infrastructure improvements at the Zoo ● Announced by the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities; Arif Virani, Member of Parliament for Parkdale–High Park; [...]

April 13, 2021|

Runaway Toronto capybaras’ triplets named Geddy, Neil and Alex after Rush members

Last May, a pair of capybaras (the largest rodents in the world, which CBC says “resemble oversize tail-less beavers“) decided to choose free will, escaping Toronto’s High Park Zoo, and their headlong flight lasted for weeks. One was caught last June 12, but the other anarchist stayed free for another [...]

June 25, 2017|

'Capybabies' Of Toronto's Famous Capybaras Named After Rush Band Members

TORONTO — The offspring of Toronto's wandering capybaras now have names — Alex, Geddy and Neil, for members of the band, Rush. The High Park Zoo says the "capybabies" were born in February to famed escape artists Bonnie and Clyde.  The elder capybaras, which resemble oversized tail-less beavers, became celebrities [...]

June 25, 2017|
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