Board of Directors

Friends of High Park is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization governed by a board of directors. It takes all kinds of people working together to get stuff done. Here’s our bunch of people!

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Chair – Sarah Doucette
I volunteer because I love that a 127 year old zoo is free and accessible to everyone and it is within the City of Toronto, on the subway line in a destination park High Park.

Vice-Chair – Simone Stock
I volunteer because I am passionate about community access to free, educational opportunities in the outdoors.  High Park Zoo created a sense of connection and community for me when I first became a mother.  Its preservation as a hub for families especially is something I care about deeply.

Treasurer – Chris Diceman, CFA   
I volunteer because High Park Zoo is a vital part of the community that deserves both protecting and improving for future generations.

Secretary – Catherine Murray
I volunteer because happiness comes from giving, and seeing the baby animals doesn’t hurt, either.

General Members

Melanie Fernandez
I volunteer because I visited when I was new to Canada and enjoy seeing all generations visiting, enjoying and learning about nature together

Jude Kahn

Esme Markle
I volunteer because I grew up visiting the park and would like to see it continue to thrive and be a part of other’s fond memories.

Ana Sainz
I volunteer because seeing visitors smile when they see the animals makes me happy.

Felicia Seto-Lau
I volunteer because High Park  Zoo should be a free space to learn about a variety of animals and for generations to escape from the hustle of the city while still inside the city. 

Mat Scolozzi
I volunteer because I love hanging out with the animals.

Jennifer WebsterI volunteer because visitin the zoo brings me joy and peace and I want the zoo to be part of our community for future generations.

Jamie Windle
I volunteer because I am passionate about the animals that are a part of it. I want to do my piece to ensure that others feel the same way and think about how they can ensure these animals have a habitat in the future.


In Memoriam

Chair – John Formosa
I volunteer because I have been going to High Park Zoo since I was 6 months old.