Below are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we receive. If your question is not answered here, please send it along and we will get back to you.

Who/what is FHPZ?
FHPZ is a volunteer-only charity focused on developing programs for High Park Zoo and fundraising for capital projects. It has NO paid employees. You can read more about us on our website.

Is FHPZ part of the City of Toronto?
No. FHPZ works closely with the City of Toronto (the “City”) on all its projects but it not a part of the City administration nor is it funded by any governmental agency.

What is the arrangement between FHPZ and the City?
FHPZ has a five year agreement with the City allowing FHPZ to hold programming, events and fundraise on the roadway running through the Zoo.

The City owns all land, roadways, properties, building and animals within the Zoo. The City employs the zookeepers and parks maintenance staff as well as pays for water, electricity, food and animal husbandry costs. FHPZ does not raise money to pay for the Zoo’s operational expenses.

FHPZ initiates, plans and fundraises for many capital projects:

  • In 2016 FHPZ identified the need to replace the llama and capybara building (Master Plan Phase 1) and over the subsequent five years FHPZ worked on developing the structural plans and obtained funding of the recently completed building.
  • In 2019, FHPZ and the City in partnership successfully applied for the Investment in Canadian Infrastructure Program Grant which was awarded in 2021. This grant from the Federal and Ontario governments will provide a total of $2.6 million of funding towards the Master Plan Phase 2 which FHPZ has prepared to a shovel ready state. The City will provide $750,000 and FHPZ is contributing an additional $200,000 for which it is still fundraising. Phase 2 is anticipated to begin in spring 2023 with the City taking the construction lead.

FHPZ also holds events in the Zoo and surrounding area such as the Scotiabank Marathon Cheering Station, ZooBoo!, Chalk Art Festival, Holiday Trees and Grandparents Day.

Who determines open/close hours/restrictions?
The City determines when the Zoo is open/closed and what restrictions are required under COVID-19.

FHPZ has no control over operational matters at the Zoo. In addition, FHPZ may not necessarily know on a timely basis when the Zoo closes unexpectantly although we do our best to post on social media once we know.

What are the current restrictions, if any, due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
We keep our website up to date with opening hours and access information.

How can I access High Park Zoo?
Here is a map of High Park which shows the nearest subway and streetcar stops. The map also shows parking areas within the park. Please note that currently no vehicles are allowed into High Park on weekends.

Why did I not see my favourite animal when I visited the zoo?
All of the animals have access to a building if they wish to go indoors for shelter. We can not guarantee that any animal will be outside their enclosure when you visit.

Why are there no birthday parties offered at the Zoo?
There is no external food permitted in the Zoo. We generally offer private tours of the Zoo which can be part of a event. Please note the tours are subject to the zookeeper’s availability and are typically available mid-week, mid-day in warmer months.

Can I volunteer at the Zoo?
Volunteers are needed at High Park Zoo to support our activities. There are many activities which people of all ages can be involved in, such as overseeing the petting area when the Llama Pen is open, answering questions about animals, and assisting with community events.

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up using our form.

I’d like to work at High Park Zoo – where can I submit my resumé?
Thank you for your interest. Any job openings are posted on the City of Toronto website.

Can I meet an animal/zookeeper?
Our llama pen activities typically run on weekends and statutory holidays from April to October.

In order to ensure that our visitors, volunteers, zookeepers and animals remain as safe as possible, we made the difficult decision to not operate the llama pen activities in 2021. We hope that these activities will be able to operate starting in Spring 2022.