ZOOVIEWS is Friends of High Park Zoo’s live speaker series with the ability to ask questions of an expert!

Join on Saturday, June 5 at 1:00pm EST, along with animal expert Helen Panter to learn more about bison.

Have you ever heard about the free-roaming herd of Wood Bison making Wood Buffalo National Park their home? Join Ms Panter to learn more about these impressive creatures.

When Helen Panter was little she dreamed of either becoming a police officer or working at the Canadian Embassy in Russia. Well, it did not quite happen. Instead she found another dream job as an Outreach Officer with Parks Canada. Ms Panter has been working for Wood Buffalo National Park for the past 12 years and has deliveried programming to a wide range of audiences from toddlers to elderly people. She worked as much outside during the summer time as inside, but lately has been delivering multiple virtual programs to many enthusiasts around the world. She is curious and always looking to learn something new so she can incorporate it into her programs. Most of Ms Panter’s job is to prepare, plan and deliver programs for the general public. Her best days at work are when she talks about the passion she has for her work and why she fell in love with Wood Buffalo National Park.

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