Re: High Park Movement Strategy

August 5, 2023

Please be aware that as of Saturday, August 5 vehicles will no longer be able to enter High Park from Bloor Street. Vehicles will need to enter off Parkside Drive at High Park Blvd. The roadway will lead you either left to the zoo or right towards the Grenadier Café and the Bloor Street exit. The park will remain closed to vehicles on weekends and statutory holidays.

Friends of High Park Zoo does not support the continuing road closures on weekends and statutory holidays as it means that the zoo and our events are no longer accessible to everyone. More information on the City of Toronto’s High Park Movement Strategy can be found here.


May 1, 2023
The High Park Movement Strategy will now be going to the City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 10. The Infrastructure and Environment Committee supported
Councillor Perk’s motion:

The Committee approved full road closures at all times as the long term strategy for travel network improvements in High Park; as an interim measure, they approved some road closures with a one way system for vehicles, Strategy #3. The estimated cost is $10-$15M over four years. They also approved the continuation of full road closures of High Park to private visitor vehicles on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays, on an ongoing basis.

FHPZ continues to say that the park needs to be open to vehicles on weekends to allow everyone to have access to the zoo and the park until Strategy #3 is implemented including the accessible shuttle being proposed. 

Should you wish to send an email saying why you would like the park to be reopened to vehicles on weekends please send an email to the City Clerk Sylwia Przezdziecki at       

Please include and highlight in your email that it can be shared with the public.

There is also a petition asking the City of Toronto to reopen the park to vehicles. Please feel free to sign and share the petition and leave a comment. These comments are being provided to City of Toronto staff.