YAK Bos grunniens

Origin: Asia and Himalayas

Their habitat is the Himalayas in Nepal, China, and as far north as Mongolia.

The yak is well adapted to the harsh mountains with its thick coat, great lung capacity, and ability to move skillfully over rough terrain. Even its blood cells are designed for high elevations. Yaks can easily tolerate temperatures of -40 below celsius.

Wild yak herds travel on snow in single file, carefully stepping on footprints left by the lead yak. It is a sure-footed climber; amazing at a weight of 2000 lbs.

The yak has been domesticated. Domestic yaks are used to pull loads and plough fields, and are combed for their fur, which is spun and woven into various fibre products. The domestic yak is very vocal, making frequent grunts.