Master Plan – Phase 1:

Llama Building Rebuild

As part of its 10 year Master Plan, Friends of High Park Zoo is redesigning and redeveloping the Zoo, starting with the Llama Building. As the main entry point to the animal exhibit, the Llama Building it is the first impression introduction to the Zoo site and is critical to meeting the Zoo’s primary objectives: interactive and educational learning, intergenerational play and a quality experience for tourists of all ages and backgrounds. The Zoo offers weekend children’s programming at the Llama Building including petting and feeding the llamas and other small animals, and educational activities about the animals at the Zoo. The Llama Building also houses the very popular cabybara family. A llama exhibit at any zoo is an intimate animal experience exhibit. You can get right up to them, they have an exotic appearance and they do not mind getting close to strangers. With a larger and improved Llama Pen, visitors to the High Park Zoo enjoy a memorable South American wildlife experience in a spectacular natural area in mid-city Toronto. The exhibit is naturalistic in tone but in need of replacement and enhancement. The Llama Building, an aging log cabin which houses the llamas and capybaras, will be demolished and replaced with an expanded and winterized new log cabin to permit greater and more accessible programming for visitors, tourism engagement and attraction, and better wintertime housing for the animals. The result will be an attractive and family-friendly hub within the already popular High Park.

Here are plans for the new llama building – Llama Building Plans (PDF)
Here are some 3D renderings of the new llama building:

The llama building is currently under construction! You can watch its progress live via webcam at  Updates are also available via our social media.
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