Launch of Donation Stations

Friends of High Park Zoo & Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation Launch Their Donation Station Program

July 11th, 2013, 10:30 am b 11:30 am

  • Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation to Officially Launch Donation Station Program
  •  Councillor Sarah Doucette (Ward 13 and ex-officio board member of Friends of High Park Zoo) Will Be Joined By Andrew Sorbara, Vice-Chair, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation for The Announcement
  • Help us to Continue to Support High Park Zoo. Zoo Will Cost $228,000 to Operate in 2013
  • Donate Online (and now onsite) or by Mail Through Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation

TORONTO, July 11, 2013 – Friends of High Park Zoo today announces our partner, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, will be officially unveiling their Donation Station program that includes two stations in High Park. These stations are to expressly support the continued operation of High Park Zoo, which is 120 years old in 2013, with 100% of the proceeds directed to High Park Zoo.

bFriends of High Park Zoo is thrilled to be one of the pilot projects for this initiative, says Councillor Doucette, who is an ex-officio board member of Friends of High Park Zoo. bThis initiative was developed by thinking outside of the box and with the great partnership of Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation and PrecisePark Link. This efficacy of this program furthers Friends of High Park Zoo’s efforts by helping onsite donors more readily support High Park Zoo.b

Friends of High Park Zoo note that supporting the Zoo for visitors has become easier thanks to Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation’s Donation Station program. The two stations in High Park are located outside the Llama Pen and outside the Grenadier CafC). These specifically programmed parking machines, which accept cash or credit cards, will immediately issue supporters of High Park Zoo a printed voucher. This voucher can then be redeemed online for a charitable tax receipt for donations over $10.

Funds to operate the Zoo were provided by the City of Toronto for the past 120 years. Only in 2012 did the City eliminate funding for the Zoo. Since then Friends of High Park Zoo has stepped in to raise the funds to keep the Zoo operating. The Zoo will cost $228,000 to operate in 2013. We continue to need the support of the Zoo’s visitors and the residents of Toronto. Please continue to support High Park Zoo by donating through the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.


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    Dianne Leggatt says

    I visited High Park a couple of days ago and had a lovely time skating and on the toboggan hills with my relatives. I also made a donation at one of your donations stations. When I tried to get my tax receipt at I came up with a different website – C7 something – and no indication that I could find of the heart logo mentioned on the back of the receipt. What have I done wrong????

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