High Park Zoo wallaby has a name

High Park Zoo wallaby has a name

July 1, 2013

Bloor West Villager


The High Park Zoo has a new resident, a baby wallaby named “Zoomer” after Moses Znaimer’s “ZoomerMedia.” Earlier this year, Znaimer donated $10,000 to the Friends of High Park Zoo.

A female baby wallaby that popped her head out of her mother’s pouch at the High Park Zoo in April has a name.

The wallaby has been christened “Zoomer” after Citytv founder Moses Znaimer’s company, ZoomerMedia. Znaimer donated $10,000 toward the Honey Family Foundation earlier this year.Zoomer can be seen most weekends in the paddock next to the llama pen at the High Park Zoo, said Parkdale-High Park Councillor Sarah Doucette.

“Zoomer likes to lick people,” Doucette said. “Shebs adorable, so sweet. She loves people and loves to be hand-fed.”

The Friends of High Park Zoo recently reached its goal of $50,000 within hours of its June 15 deadline for the Honey Family Foundation to match that total amount donated by the community.

bWebve given the city $228,000. Now we just have to pay for the rest of the year,b Doucette said.

Enthusiasm to save the zoo was high, Doucette added. It has been much harder to maintain the initial momentum of that first year, she said.

bCorporations have said, ”Where’s the city? Why is the city not funding this?” Doucette said.

The Friends of High Park Zoo are circulating a petition calling on council to restore city funding of the zoo. Visitors and residents have donated the full amount to operate the zoo since July 2012.

However, the group will continue to fundraise for capital expenditures such as improving the llama pen and sidewalks at the zoo, Doucette said. To sign the petition and for details, visit or

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