Help Name the Baby Capybaras

Thank you for your interest in naming our three capybabies!

Voting has now closed. The results will be revealed and the most popular names will be given to our capybabies at a celebration at High Park Zoo on Saturday, June 24 at noon. Please join us for refreshments!

Stay tuned for exciting updates – the results will also be posted online!

As you may be aware, we are also raising funds to enhance the Capybara’s home, so if you can help even a little bit, please make a donation here.


  1. REPLY
    Patti McCabe says

    There should be a space on the submission to explain your name suggestions. In keeping with the gangster theme of Bonnie and Clyde I suggested the names Boyd, Willie and Lenny – members of the Boyd Gang who famously broke out of the Don Jail twice in the 1950s. Although Lenny Jackson, a hairdresser from Niagara Falls, led the group, Edwin Alonzo Boyd’s charms and good looks led the media to label them the “Boyd Gang”.

  2. REPLY
    RU JIA says

    THESE ARE NAMES FROM GREEK ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY. The three names mean the following: beauty, charm and joy.

  3. REPLY
    Dave Stinson says

    I thought these suited the new arrivals they are of course capybarr as and as well rodents thus cappy Barra and Roddy

    Thank you

  4. REPLY
    John Holloway says

    I understand that Bonnie and Clyde’s capybaras pups are still looking for a name. Since the gender of the pups is still unknown, my grandkids and I have come up with three gender neutral names.
    We propose the pups be named Teri, Beri and Geri.
    Teri, — Teresa or Terrance
    Beri – Bernice or Bernard
    Geri – Geraldine or Gerald

  5. REPLY
    kerstin says

    Tick, Trick and Track

  6. REPLY
    Fred Oliff says

    Curlie Larrie and Chuck

  7. REPLY
    Quinn says

    I’m so glad this story had a happy ending 🙂

  8. REPLY
    Brenda Messecar says

    I named them Parker, Barrow and Chestnut for Bonnie Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow.

  9. REPLY
    Brenda Messecar says

    I named them Parker, Barrow and Chestnut after Bonnie Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow.

  10. REPLY
    Matt says

    My suggestion was Olly, Ox and a Free. What makes more sense than calling the kids home after a great game of hide and seek.

    • REPLY
      Marlene says

      Best one so far!

  11. REPLY
    Debra says

    I suggested Saikura, Kaika and Yoshino or Somei. The cherry trees in high park are Saikura cherry trees, and the other Japanese words are the type of blossoms.

  12. REPLY
    Mark says

    Cassidy (as in Butch Cassidy), Sundance (as in Sundance Kid), and Elzy (as in William Ellsworth) – all members of the Wild Bunch Gang. All can be unisex names!

  13. REPLY
    Rebecca Soos says

    Mita’i, Michi, and Miri’i are all derivitives of baby/small/child in the Ancient dialects of Tupi and Guaranian, which is where the name Capybara comes from, and the continent they originate from. And they’re just cute to say!

  14. REPLY
    Cecilia Brown says

    My first submission of McCrae, Lampman and MacDonald were famous Canadian poets that wrote about nature and environments.
    My second submission is obvious..Muddy York Toronto.
    Posting some of the poetry of the above on zoo signage would encourage all to read these works.

  15. REPLY
    Mandee says

    P B & J (Peanut, Butter and Jelly) or Sunny, Stormy and Hazzy..

  16. REPLY
    James says

    My 3 choices (named after famous disappearing acts) are “Houdini”, “Copper”(Copperfield), and “Amelia”(Earhart).

    • REPLY
      Maureen says

      This is a good choice and it honours men and women of art, imagination and courage. Just like these escape artists. I’m just glad the little guys didn’t come to harm by a fox or coyote.

  17. REPLY
    Fred says

    Given the humourus past of the parents, Larry Curly & Moe would would suit the triplets. I am assuming that at least one is a male(Larry)

  18. REPLY
    Colleen says

    My suggestion is connected to their parents Bonnie and Clyde… Chestnut (Clyde’s middle name), Champion (an aka name for Clyde) and then keeping with the “ch” theme I went with Chomper as I figured their parents like to chomp on things.

  19. REPLY
    Justin Baulch says

    After the blunder at the Academy Awards last month, I thought Fay, Warren & Oscar would be appropriate names.

  20. REPLY
    Mike Taylor says

    Baby Face (Nelson), Dillinger (John), Purvis (Melvin).

  21. REPLY
    Kevin says

    The names Hugo, Diego, and Luis are nods both to the capybaras’ aquatic nature (like the famous nephews of Disney waterfowl lore) and their South American heritage.

  22. REPLY
    carly says

    Hi High Park friends,

    I suggested Chestnut, Parker and Barrow.

    I think these names are gender neutral and they relate back to their parents names,

    ‘Bonnie Elizabeth Parker’ was Bonnie’s full name and ‘Clyde Chestnut Barrow’ was Clyde’s full name.

    I hope this helps, I love stopping by the zoo and watching the babies grow.

  23. REPLY
    rYe says

    Capy McCapFace

  24. REPLY
    Leslie says

    I suggested Westley, Buttercup and Inigo because capybaras are R.O.U.S.

    • REPLY
      Hazel Smith says

      Rodents of Unusual Size

  25. REPLY
    Paul says

    Zoe for the win

  26. REPLY
    Angela Daust says

    I’m so happy my suggestion of Snap, Crackle and Pop made the short list! 🙂

  27. REPLY
    Bailey Grieser says

    Snap,crackle and pop are the cutest names. I am on the vee team you should too. Just look up Jessi vee on YouTube and follow her she is amazing.

  28. REPLY
    Bailey Grieser says

    Snap, crackle and pop are the cutest names. I am on the vee team you should too. Just look up Jessi vee on YouTube and follow her she is amazing.

  29. REPLY
    Wendy says

    My kindergarten class voted and just over a third of the class chose Snap, Crackle and Pop.

  30. REPLY
    Molly says

    I LOVE Snap, Crackle and Pop! #Veeteam 💕

  31. REPLY
    Jason Crobar says

    The weird thing is this… Most Rush fans (myself included) will vote far Alex, Geddy & Neil.

    Alex, Geddy and Neil would probably vote for Snap, Crackle & Pop.

  32. REPLY
    Dave Clark says

    I would like them to be named Neil, Alex and Geddy. The three great Canadians who make up the greatest Canadian rock band of all time: RUSH. I’m sure they would be very honoured indeed. Either way, those three little friends at the zoo sure have brought a lot of happiness to so many people. Myself included. I’m grateful for that.

  33. REPLY
    Holly says

    I believe that snap crackle and pop should win as it’s just the cutest names I didn’t even choose them I mean I live in a different country but I would love to visit the capybaras at this zoo ❣️

  34. REPLY
    Donielle says

    Snap, Crackle, and Pop are the cutest names ever! They got my vote!

  35. REPLY
    Linda says

    Snap Crackle Pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. REPLY
    Chloe says

    I would love for Snap, Crackle, and Pop to win because my favorite youtuber enter these names. Please help her win. Her name is Jessii Vee and she would be the happiest person ever. I love to make people happy

  37. REPLY
    Jackie Shea says

    Everyone vote Snap, Crakle, and Pop! The famous YouTuber, Jessii Vee wants these names and so do I! Please, please, please! Everyone, we need your help!

  38. REPLY
    Alissa says

    Vote for snap, crackle, and pop

  39. REPLY
    Victoria says

    I’m not from Canada, I’m from Minnesota. But Snap, Crackle and Pop sound adorable and I want to make Jessii Vee happy!

  40. REPLY
    Lily says


  41. REPLY
    Luke says

    Snap, Crackle, and Pop is leading so far? So trite, so predictable, so overused.

  42. REPLY
    Marie says

    Snap, crackle and pop are literally the cutest names eveeeer. #veeteam

  43. REPLY
    Sana Kyo says

    Snap, Crackle, and Pop sound real adorable and fit them nicely! It has my vote!

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