FHPZ Launches Honey Family Foundation Match Initiative for 2014

Friends of High Park Zoo Launches Honey Family Foundation Match Initiative for 2014

  • Friends of High Park Zoo Announces Launch of its Honey Family Foundation Match Initiative for 2014
  • Initiative Increased by 20%; Looks to Raise $120,000 For Llama Pen Project
  • Match Runs From Beginning of March 2014 to End of June 2014
  • Our First Donation was From Nine Year-Old Alexandra b Her Birthday Gift to the Zoo

TORONTO, March 3, 2014
Friends of High Park Zoo announces the launch of our Honey Family Foundation Matching initiative for 2014. Since operating funding for the Zoo was restored on January 30, 2014, we are now in a position to turn our attention to capital projects to enhance and sustain the Zoo. This initiative is critical since no capital funding has been allocated to the Zoo in the City budget; help us ensure High Park Zoo is around for another 120 years.

Following two years of successful Honey Family Foundation Matching initiatives (that have raised in excess of $200,000 to support High Park Zoo), the Honey Family Foundation has agreed to increase the size of the matching program for its final year by 20% to $60,000 in 2014. If we can raise $60,000 by the end of June 2014, the Honey Family Foundation will match our funds for a total of $120,000. This coincides the Zoo legacy of 120 years. Proceeds from this initiative will help to enhance the Zoo and will be directed exclusively toward our Llama Pen Project b to improve High Park Zoo llama pen (Honey home).

Our first donation toward our $60,000 goal was received yesterday at our AGM, where Alexandra presented a donation of $280 to Friends of High Park Zoo. This donation was raised in lieu of gifts for her recent 9th birthday. bWe would like to thank Alexandra and her friends for their kind and generous donation to High Park Zoo,b notes John Formosa, Chair of Friends of High Park Zoo. bIt is this kind of generosity and altruism that not only makes a caring community, but makes a great city. Please help us to build on Alexandra gift by donating to our Honey Family Match Initiative for 2014.b Friends of High Park Zoo looks forward to an exciting year in 2014 as, after saving and supporting the Zoo over the past two years, we now embark on our third chapter: enhancing and sustaining the Zoo.

In order to be eligible for the Honey Family Foundation Matching initiative, a donation must be made through Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation (TPTF) online, onsite or by mail. Your donations through TPTF (if our goal of $60,000 is achieved by June 30, 2014) will be matched by the Honey Family Foundation dollar for dollar up to their matching funds of $60,000. All donations of $10 or more through the TPTF (directed toward High Park Zoo) will receive a tax receipt and a 100% return on your investment!