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ZOOVIEWS is Friends of High Park Zoo’s live speaker series with the ability to ask questions of an expert!
Join on Saturday, June 19 at 1:00pm ET, along with PhD candidate Jacky Sawatzky to learn more about llama vocalization.
There is more to a hum! Jacky Sawatzky will take us through a journey of llama vocalization. She will share her recordings and her research into when and why the llamas vocalize.
Jacky Sawatzky is a PhD candidate at York University, Toronto. Her research, “How are we to Listen to you, Llama?” investigates llama behaviour through an interdisciplinary approach of animal behaviour science and performance studies. She has been working at Serendipity Alpaca and Llama Sanctuary since March 2020. In this period, she has become a master poo shoveler, while observing and listening to the llamas. Prior to the pandemic, she spent hours watching the llamas at High Park Zoo. Jacky has created events where llamas and humans can come together in a shared space and observe their interactions. To-date, these events have included a concert where two musicians played (a viola and clarinet), and an impromptu visit by a juggler. In the few minutes of juggling clubs and balls, an audience of llamas, children and adults had gathered! One of her research goals are to bring to attention the intrinsic and complex behaviour of llamas. She writes a blog Llama Dramas for Friends of High Park Zoo. Her llama research website is:
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