5 weird Guinness records set at Torontob�s Waterfront Marathon


Among the other feats of human achievement, runners set five Guinness World Records at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday.

1. Lindsay Santagato set the record for fastest marathon (female) in a firefighter’s uniform, at 5:38:51. This was her third marathon and first record. Santagato, 21, is a volunteer firefighter and graduate of the Ontario Fire Academy. She beat the old record by an hour and eight minutes.

She was raising money for the Canadian Liver Foundation in honour of her brother, who died of liver and kidney failure, she said.

2. Bridget Burns set the record for fastest marathon dressed as a zookeeper, at 4:08:17. This was her sixth marathon and second record, after claiming the title in the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon dressed in full boxing gear. As well as wearing her uniform, Burns carried a stuffed animal for the entire race this year.

She raised money for Friends of High Park Zoo.

3. Jeremiah Sacay, 26, of Toronto set the record for fastest marathon dressed in a baseball uniform, at 3:47:35. He works as a registered nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

4. MichalB Kapral, 42, of Toronto, set the record for the fastest half-marathon while bjoggling a combination of jogging and juggling three balls b at a blistering 1:20:40. He already holds the title for fastest marathon and fastest 10K while joggling with three objects.

His run raised money for People To People Canada, which helps AIDS orphans in Ethiopia.

5.Stephane The Flash’ Hetherington set the record for fastest half-marathon dressed as a superhero, at 1:17:30. He also holds the record for the fastest full marathon dressed as a superhero, at the Toronto waterfront race in 2012.

He and his supporters raised more than $27,000 in donations for Hands Across the Nations, which will go toward building a school in Doneguela, Mali.